Monday, October 17, 2022

Mr. Crozier

I’ve often written about the challenges in our relationship. Today I want to jot down some of the perks. Living with Mr. Crozier is surely one of life’s finest adventures!  

I love this man who will don a makeshift beekeeper outfit to save me and my bare feet from the yellow jackets that have established residence in our yard. I love this man who will take a bite of the miniature Dutch Babies I made this morning for breakfast and try to hide the fact that the look of horror on his face was indeed in response to the taste of my baking (they basked in a VERY smoky oven and absorbed all the flavors of smoldering).

I love this man who can belt three part harmony while rocking out on an electric guitar.

I love this man who goes along with all my flower whims and buys me a new one when I declare that I would like a “treat.” I love this man who goes swimming in the lake in October, who tells the truth, who rocks my twenty-two-year-old-stolen-and-recovered Honda and parks it at work amidst the Teslas of his colleagues.

I love this man who gets out and runs the pre-game soccer drills to get the boys warmed up when the coach is running late. And who can blow that hand whistle like a boss when he plays referee. 

I think it goes without saying that I love this man who is for sure the hottest dog I've ever seen.

All antics aside, one of my favorite parts of the past 18 months has been watching this man that I love take in the offspring of strangers and welcome them into our roost. I love seeing him snuggle and rock and read to and teach these sweet kids who are innocent bystanders in chaotic situations. I love that this man volunteers with Strong Families, serves at church and then works in a caring profession and still wonders if he is doing enough. 

We've done a lot of work, endured a few growing pains, Mr. Crozier and I. I've been struck lately by the sacredness of the covenant we made as we were declared husband and wife. In good times and bad. When we show our worst sides and our best. When we are easy to live with and difficult. When we are in hysterics from laughing or pure frustration. Praise Jesus that we didn't quit when times were tough.

Mr Crozier, it's a joy and an honor to be your misses. Thank you for loving God and loving me. You just get better with age.

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  1. I love this tribute to Mr. Crozier, I love your way with words, your transparency and authenticity! Keep on writing!!


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