One of my happiest moments took place while chaperoning my daughter's second grade field trip to the science center (and no it wasn't the act of herding one-hundred-and-thirty 7 and 8-year olds that gave me such joy, believe it or not). Rather, it was the invitation and affirmation that I received on that field trip that lit a spark in me. A fellow mom-chaperone, a mere school playground acquaintance, approached me to share that she had discovered my writing and wondered, did I ever speak as well? The idea that someone had read some of my thoughts and then wanted to hear me say them aloud THRILLED and humbled me, hence making this one of my happiest moments.

Had this question been posed to me a decade earlier, my answer would have been a swift "HECK NO." Speaking usually involves a microphone. And being up in front of people. And I'm an introvert. End of story. But, you see, sometimes life takes us places we never expect and it is through that process that we realize passions we never expected and new things that we LOVE to do. Such a public speaking for me.

So, to answer the question, yes, I do speak. And I would love to chat with you further if you are in need of a tell-it-like-it-is girl to come and share a word or two or 500. I seek to engage my audience through the use of authenticity, vulnerability and humor and I particularly enjoy speaking to and encouraging women and moms. Past speaking invitations have included Mothers of Preschoolers groups (MOPS), other moms groups, and school parent education nights.

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