Monday, March 16, 2020

Homeschooling Day 1 (fact check: actually it's day 7...but who's counting?)

Please accept my editorial offerings, potentially a dry and ordinary chronicling of our daily happenings in this, a season of history in the making. The writing of that first sentence alone included 7 interruptions in total, two to dole out timeouts to my bookend children (the oldest and youngest), two more to patiently remind the eldest to practice patience in communicating with her siblings, once to ask the youngest to please read in his head, another to threaten his sister with a second timeout for harsh tones with him again, and another to clean up a sparkling water spill that was soaking its way into my socks beneath the table.

So I guess one could say homeschooling is going well? We are 92 minutes in and we are a mere 17 minutes off schedule (approximately), a clear indication that I will have to hold my every attempt at order very, very loosely. Graham says I'm such a great teacher, and in theory, I think he's right. I have a beautiful chalkboard, which makes everything look good. On paper, I'm incredibly organized, structured, offering a diverse menu of curriculum options for the children at their varying grade levels. In reality, I'm practicing my deep breathing and patting myself on the back for making it an entire 95 minutes without a full-blown yell.

Well, I guess this is where I must hault my journal entry for today. I slated 30 minutes for writing and I probably got to write for a solid 4. Which means if I want to actually write for 30 full minutes tomorrow, I'd better carve out 225 minutes for "writing." You live and learn!

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