Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Homeschool Day 3: The show must go on

Today was a more, shall I say, hands off day of homeschooling. Yesterday was full of St Patrick’s Day creativity and interaction (which involved extra mental energy on my part) so today I felt okay about making lists for each kid and letting them do more schoolwork on the devices we have on loan from the district. Plus, I had a video chat therapy appointment and needed the screens to “babysit” the offspring. Such is life in “crisis” situations like our world is in right now. Mama still needs to do her therapy! And the kids will survive. Jack only joined me in the room three times and I heard screaming from downstairs just twice. Success! In all seriousness, I am rather grateful that I can leave my kids unsupervised for 50 solid minutes and a) no one ends up bleeding, b) (some) actual schoolwork gets done and c) no furniture is permanently detailed with Sharpie. There is hope for those of you out there who find this concept unfathomable.

We have been staying home for the most part with the exception of walks. The last two days we have walked to the local middle school because they are serving free lunches (including breakfast for the following day) for all kids. My kids hate walking but they will walk for food evidently.

This afternoon we made an exception to our "stay home" rule to venture over to Seattle for a “field trip” to church. The girls were asked to be filmed reading Bible stories that will be put on social media to encourage congregants this week. Emma had last minute nerves about “being on tv” as we made the drive over but she was less intimidated when she realized the set up was slightly more simplistic than being on a stage with tons of people watching as she had envisioned. Both girls rocked it and, just that that, we chalked up our most exciting activity all week. 🤣

Because my morning was mostly absorbed by therapy, I didn't get my writing time along with the kids so I'm typing this on my phone while we enjoy the sunshine at a park downtown Seattle. The streets are literally deserted. Every parking spot is open. I questioned whether I even needed to pay for parking. Were the ticketers even working? Is this quarantine business technically considered a "holiday" in the eyes of parking attendants?

Jack waited until he thought I wasn't looking and quietly climbed up the very high play structure and went down the slide that has always terrified him. Perhaps he just needs to not have an audience when he conquers his fears. Afterward he asked if I would buy him Pokeman cards as a reward. We settled for ice cream cones "to support local businesses" instead. Mom win for sure.

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